With eRouting, users have access to attached documents related to their job.  In this demo you'll see a drawing opened from a routing line.
Documents may also be attached to:
  • Jobstypical location for drawings, BOMS;
  • CustomersT and Cs, quality requirements, etc;
  • OperationsProcedures, specifications, work instructions that apply to all parts;
  • Job Operationsinstructions specific to that operation and part;
  • Material RequirementseRouting attaches material C of Cs here;
  • MaterialsSpecifications, etc.
When an Outside Process C of C is received and scanned in eRouting the cert is saved to the server and the C of C attached to the job operation.
Signed packlists and PO receipt acknowledgements are also saved to the server and attached to the corresponding record(s) in Jobboss.

Attach the documentation required for manufacturing and make it available for your shop floor where it is needed:

  • Jobs – Drawings, Purchase orders

  • Materials – MSD Sheets, Specs, C of Cs

  • Operations – Work Instructions, Specs

Revised documents are immediately available to all jobs, ensuring only the latest are used.

For a demonstration or quote, please contact Tom Edge at tom@edge-mfgsoft.com