Record inspection data while you run your parts…

  • Once configured, inspection requirements are available every time a part is run

  • Conditional formatting shows any out-of-tolerance feature in red text for easy identification

  • Identify who made what check and when

  • Distinct inspection check records for operators and inspectors

eRouting makes it easy to collect inspection data at each operation.  Up to 30 dimensions and/or features can be defined for each operation and once it is set up will appear each and every time the part is run.
An out of tolerance condition will appear bold red in the data entry screen and prompt the operator to back fill inspection data for each part ran since the last conforming measurement.
When the operator clocks out of the operation, eRouting checks to make sure the quantity ran and the quality checked align and takes action as necessary when they don’t.
Printable inspection data is available in the reporting area of the accompanying Windows reporting utility.

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