An essential function available in eRouting is transferring finished goods into stores at the end of the job.  When the transfer is made eRouting does a number of things besides calculating the unit cost and putting parts in inventory…

  • Compiles all associated C of Cs into a single PDF cert pack and saves on the server;
  • Ensures that all operation and material requirements have been completed;
  • Displays any un-invoiced material or outside processing POs so a cost can be entered against them;
  • Updates the job template, when existing, with any redlined changes. (optional);
  • Updates the job operation estimated cycle times and set-up times (optional).*

* When updating template operation and cycle times, eRouting sets the estimated set-up time to the average of the actual set-up time from each time a part has been run.  When updating the operation, eRouting doesn’t change the cycle time, but rather averages out the actual cycle time from each run of the part and then adjusts the efficiency percentage and manned percentages accordingly.  This gives you a better grasp of your profitability and improved time estimates for scheduling in the future.

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