Only those users granted permission to split jobs may do so.

For most companies splitting a job during production is a major headache. ¬†With eRouting we’ve made it incredibly simple and painless. ¬†Essentially all you need to do is determine your split quantity and a due date for the split job. ¬†eRouting does the rest..

  • a new split job is created in the MRP system;
  • operations that are complete leave the labor transaction details with the original job, but add a note in the split routing indicating on what job they were performed for traceability;
  • operations that have started move the labor transaction details to the split job and change the status to open on the original;
  • actual labor and material costs are apportioned between the split and original in proportion to the quantity being split;
  • all notes, photos, inspection requirements, and attachments are immediately available in the split job;
  • the estimated times, remaining time, and material requirements are recalculated.

Work may commence immediately on the split job.

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