With eRouting, users have access to attached documents related to their job.  In this demo you’ll see a drawing opened from a routing line.

Documents may also be attached to:

  • Jobstypical location for drawings, BOMS;
  • CustomersT and Cs, quality requirements, etc;
  • OperationsProcedures, specifications, work instructions that apply to all parts;
  • Job Operationsinstructions specific to that operation and part;
  • Material RequirementseRouting attaches material C of Cs here;
  • MaterialsSpecifications, etc.

When an Outside Process C of C is received and scanned in eRouting the cert is saved to the server and the C of C attached to the job operation.

Signed packlists and PO receipt acknowledgements are also saved to the server and attached to the corresponding record(s) in Jobboss.

For a demo or quote, contact our Outside Sales Rep, Sierra Earl at sierra.earl@edge-mfgsoft.com