Only those users that have permission to receive purchase orders may do so.
Pack lists and C of Cs are saved to the server as PDF files and made available for viewing by MRP* users in the PO module, and the Job module when purchased directly to a job.
When receiving stock items, the user can specify the location in inventory for each item being received.
When a received item is going into stores in multiple containers, a container quantity may be entered so a label is generated for each container.  For example, if the user were receiving 4000 helicoils in bags of 1000, they would enter 1000 as the container quantity and eRouting will print 4 labels.
If receiving less than the full order amount, the user can select whether to leave the PO line open or close it short.
When closing a PO short of the full order quantity, a notification will be sent by the server to all users that have selected that option.
  • Receive Purchase orders for materials and outside processing directly in your routing when bought to a job.

  • Scan pack lists and certificates of conformance to create PDFs stored on your network.

  • Automatically attaches scanned documents in your MRP system for instant viewing by all users.*

  • Print barcoded labels for received items.

* If ODBC with write privileges is available.

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