Employee Log-In Screen

Double tap to enable scrolling

Context Menu

Whenever you see an arrow next to the window header, you can access a drop down menu with a single tap on it.  From this particular menu, you may manually open a job routing, go to Shop View, or open Quality Central.

Button Bar

In the upper right corner, there are buttons to display the keyboard (which you currently don't need), display the version info, or access this help file (which apparently, you did need).

Current Activity List

The current activity list displays all employees and the job routing or indirect activities that they are currently logged in to.  It will not display employees that are clocked in but with no current activity.

Click on any line in the current activity listing to open the job in audit mode.

While in audit mode, you may view activity history, but you may not edit nor perform any actions against the job.

View Who’s Clocked In

View all employees currently on the clock, whether logged into a job operation or not.

You may also, clear employee log ins and, if you have sufficient permission, log-in as another employee to make time card changes.

NOTE: This button will not appear on the screen if there is no one currently clocked in to the system

Get Started

Tap this button to use the iPad camera to scan a barcoded employee badge to log-in and go to your timecard.  If you have an iBeacon badge the system will automatically recognize you without having to scan a barcode.

If you are not currently clocked in, the system will create a new attendance record and clock you in.