EDGE Manufacturing Software Solutions began as a number of consulting projects in the Pacific Northwest, home of Boeing and countless other aerospace manufacturing companies.  Most projects involved creating custom software to automate and streamline the entry and retrieval of information from a popular MRP system commonly used in manufacturing.

eROUTING, 3 years in the making, is our most ambitious project to date.  It goes way beyond time entry data collection to really empower your shop and help you capitalize on your MRP software investment.  It is currently in use at three NW manufacturing facilities.

eRECEIPTS is a digital delivery confirmation and signature collection system that can be used on-site or on the road and ensures signed pack lists always make it back your shop.

I have personally been involved in aerospace manufacturing and consulting for over 10 years and am also an IAQG certified AS9100 Auditor.


Thomas Edge

President, CEO

November 28, 2017

For a demonstration or quote, please contact Tom Edge at tom@edge-mfgsoft.com