Run your shop with a little help from our software and stop letting your shop run you…

You’re in control now…

• Do quantities make sense?

• Are all prior ops complete?

• Is this employee authorized?

Own Your Data

Routing Notes:

• Create document links in your MRP/ERP system.

• Save PDFs of signed backlists on your server.

• Collect digital delivery confirmation signatures.


Increase profitability, productivity, and efficiency while reducing the causes of scrap and rework.

Real time data collection and monitoring to reduce costly mistakes and maintain system compliance.

Integrates with your existing MRP/ERP solution.

Begin your shop’s leap into the future for as little as $1,500 down and a $300 iPad (approximate cost excluding taxes).

Never lose another signed pack slip or purchase order acknowledgement again. 

Base Price $1,499 + applicable taxes

Make a great first impression while registering the visitors to your facility.

Base Price $1,499 + applicable taxes

For a demonstration or quote contact our Outside Sales Rep, Sierra Earl at